14 September 2009

Giresun Style Turkish Ravioli Mantı: Siron

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Giresun is the one of the greatest and traditional Black Sea city of Turkey. Giresun have many traditional foods. This one which I am presenting is the most traditional food that you can enjoy too much. This food is very similar with Turkish Ravioli. Blacksea woman are making this food from the phyllo. With the other ingredients such as yoghourt, garlic and roasted tereyagi. And after all these ingredients your sense of taste will be upside down. Offically your world will be change.

Cold Refreshing Yoghourt Soup

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It’s the best time for making "cold refreshing yoghourt soup", which is also nutritious and refreshing in these hot days. Also It is very easy for person who always comes late at home because of heavy traffic.