18 January 2013

How to make "Dolma" by wrapping leaves with stuffings

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One of the classics of the Turkish cuisine are no doubt "Dolma" which is loved in every way possible. "Dolma" is also owned by the Greek, but if we look into the etymology of the word I can state that the word "Dolma" comes from Turkish origin. Actually "Dolma" means "to stuff" and the word for "to wrap" or "to roll" is "Sarma". I personally use the word sarma for rolls ans dolma for stuffed vegetables. There must have been some cross cultural influence concerning this dish we cannot be certain for the origin, but one thing is obvious that it is loved by many.

17 January 2013

Thracian Style Aubergine (Eggplant) Salad

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When meze is the topic of a conversation everyone generally agrees on the yumminess of one dish: aubergine (eggplant) salad. Beware its taste can cause addiction. Although a scrumptious dish it is very difficult to assemble the balance ingredients. If you ask around people will say they cook it very often. We have tried many recipes but only one recipe has proven to be the "one", thanks to a little trip to Kirklareli in the Thracian region. This salad was served at a picnic with relatives and it was love at first sight. We immediately  asked for the recipe to share with you. Thank you very much Nurgül...

15 January 2013

Rice Pilaf with Green and Red Peppers and Chickpeas

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On the previous post we gave you the super delicious recipe for chickpea casserole. Of course pilaf makes a perfect couple with this casserole. In our previous posts you can find the recipes for both rice and bulgur pilafs. This recipe is different version, richer in ingredients.

14 January 2013

Delicious Chickpea Stew

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Cooking chickpeas is a real task. If cooked too much, you can find yourself serving chickpea mush, or on the other hand if not cooked enough you can find yourself driving one of your guest to the emergency room for an accidentally broken tooth. This recipe you are about to read will give you the perfect way to cook a delicious chickpea stew and furthermore fulfill your state of happiness.

16 August 2010

Tomato Soup Made from Real Tomatoes, not Tomato Paste!

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Who doesn’t love tomatoe soup, especially with grated parmesan cheese and crutons? However, when we look around for the recipe we generally see that people generally make this soup from tomatoe paste, which doesn’t necessarily give the real tomato taste.

Here I present you a recipe of tomato soup you can easily make from real natural tomatoes.

20 April 2010

Fried Carrots With Yoghurt, Turkish Recipe

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Here's a different recipe I'll give for you fried vegetable lovers: Fried carrots with yogurt. I can not say that this recipe is exactly as light as is possible, however I very little oil to compensate.

05 October 2009

% 47 of Women in Turkey, Do Not Know How to Cook Haricot Bean

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Even % 45.1 of women do not know how to cook Boiled and Pounded Wheat, % 45.9 Chickpea, % 46 Red Mentil, % 55 Green Mentil, % 60.3 Surmellet, % 80.3 Pea in Turkey.At first it seemed to be a joke; but later on I understood that this research is true. What a sad situation; therefore I feel responsible for the % 47 of women. From now on you will learn how to cook famous traditional food Haricot Bean from the hand of a man.

14 September 2009

Giresun Style Turkish Ravioli Mantı: Siron

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Giresun is the one of the greatest and traditional Black Sea city of Turkey. Giresun have many traditional foods. This one which I am presenting is the most traditional food that you can enjoy too much. This food is very similar with Turkish Ravioli. Blacksea woman are making this food from the phyllo. With the other ingredients such as yoghourt, garlic and roasted tereyagi. And after all these ingredients your sense of taste will be upside down. Offically your world will be change.

Cold Refreshing Yoghourt Soup

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It’s the best time for making "cold refreshing yoghourt soup", which is also nutritious and refreshing in these hot days. Also It is very easy for person who always comes late at home because of heavy traffic.

30 July 2009

Vegetable Soup with 30 different Ingredients for your Diet

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If you are on a diet close your eyes and imagine. Imagine about cooking something that consists of the nourishment, vitamins, protein, carbonhydrates and taste of 30 different things. Also imagine that this meal is light, fills your stomach and is good for a diet. I hear you say "No way! What kind of diet is this?" Follow this recipe and decide for yourself if I'm right or wrong.