05 October 2009

% 47 of Women in Turkey, Do Not Know How to Cook Haricot Bean

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Even % 45.1 of women do not know how to cook Boiled and Pounded Wheat, % 45.9 Chickpea, % 46 Red Mentil, % 55 Green Mentil, % 60.3 Surmellet, % 80.3 Pea in Turkey.At first it seemed to be a joke; but later on I understood that this research is true. What a sad situation; therefore I feel responsible for the % 47 of women. From now on you will learn how to cook famous traditional food Haricot Bean from the hand of a man.


  1. 2 water glass of Haricot Bean
  2. ½ cut in small chunks meat
  3. 2-3 pieces of fresh green pepper
  4. 1 piece of middle size onian 2 small pieces of garlic
  5. ½ tea glass of olive oil
  6. 6-8 glass of boiling water


  1. Saturate the Haricot Beans one night before with adding tea spoon of salt and sugar. The next day boil the Haricot Beans untill it’s getting softer; but Haricot Beans have to be a little hard.
  2. Start to cook 1 the onians, green peppers and 15 minutes with adding the oil to pot.
  3. When the beans drained add the garlic and a little boiled water.
  4. You can service your food after cooking in a norrow fire.
Maybe you do not need to ask the %47 of women but I have to tell it.
  • If you apply all the stpes that I have written, the haricot bean does not make you poop.
  • You can also cook this food without meat. And you can also add tomatoe on it.
  • If you want to eat more succulent, ofcourse you should add more water on it.
  • At last everyman in Turkey like Haricot Bean. And %47 of woman divorce because of not knowing how to cook Haricot Bean.


Lidia said...

Come on!! I can't believe that 47% turkish women divorse becouse of a bean soupe!!!! Very funny story!
Nice your blog, see you soon ;)

Ayhan Demiral said...

Really, that's right! Classical Turkish man very like harricot bean. thanks your nice comment. Did you see my different recipies about of your Italian pasta? In Turkish."Kavruk Makarna, Arrasto Macchorini el Turco" http://geldeyeme.blogspot.com/2010/04/kavruk-makarna-arrasto-macchorini-el.html
I will tray to translate this reciepe in English but I have no much time. See you:) bye

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