18 May 2009

Why Fruits and Vegetables?

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I ask myself, "Why fruits and vegetables?" As I think ideas come to my mind...
Remember the story of a robot named Wall-E whose job was to clean up earth. Mankind had abandoned this planet because ther was no life left. The people lived in a big spaceship as a colony. All of them became obese and could not move. Auto-pilot computers managed everything and tried to prevent the people from returning to earth. One day wall-E found a living plant. This plant was the only life source. After that Wall-E's aim was to transport this plant for the people's return to earth.

In our globalized world our food have also become globalized. Food have got their portion of the eco-pollution produced by technologic developments. We have chosen to eat fast food style instead of natural and organic by blaming our busy work days and time shortage. While our kids eat hamburgers and drink coke, we prefer to sit, watch tv and order take outs from our sofa. We don't have time and we don't exercise. At short we have unhealthy lifestyles.

In this blog you will find recipes prepared from natural and organic fruit and vegetables.

Ayhan Demiral

1 comment:

Eva Wanda said...

I like that movie, Wall-E...and its interesting that you brought this issue up here. Thanks for sharing your recipes, love them.